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Sing a Lullaby For You ~ Bear’s Lullaby

If there’s one motif I can’t get enough of, it’s bears! I’m a big Rilakkuma (primarily Korilakkuma) collector and am tempted by anything a lolita brand comes out with when it has bears in the print.

I had purchased another onepiece from Sing a Lullaby For You a little while ago, and was immensely impressed by the quality, so when I saw the previews for Bear’s Lullaby, I jumped on it immediately.

Stock photo from Sing a Lullaby For You

The colorways available were wine red, pink (above), gray, and black. Since the embroidered ribbons on the collar are pink on all the colorways, I thought the pink looked best.

I ordered it via the Taobao Lite app, which is always a bit nerve wracking, as I don’t understand Chinese at all! I can usually bumble around with my knowledge of Japanese kanji as many important characters tend to be very similar, but I do have to utilize Google Translate a lot. Preorders in particular are a little anxiety inducing, because you have to be on top of the second payment, otherwise you lose your deposit (I had this happen for another preorder because the app had a glitch where none of my cards were being accepted).

When I made the second payment, I opted for the shipping option where Taobao forwards it immediately, rather than holding it in their warehouse to combine orders and paying shipping later. Since I had been having issues with payment earlier, I didn’t want to risk that I couldn’t pay for shipping at a later date.

All said, the costs in USD including the credit card fee from Taobao were $18.15 for the deposit and $81.84 for the final payment, including international shipping to Japan, so almost exactly $100 in total. This brand is a little on the pricey side compared to most Chinese brands, but absolutely 100% worth it with the level of detail and quality they put into their work.

The box came wrapped in sturdy plastic with the shipping label

I paid the final payment on July 11th, it was shipped July 21st, then arrived to me on July 30th. The box it came in was so cute, it was such a shame to toss it!

Everything was very neatly packed inside the box
The preorder included this adorable diorama kit!
They also included this cute bear hair tie for free
Included was a pink ribbon hanger and dress cover with the brand name

Here is the onepiece on my mannequin! I purchased the M size, as my measurements put me at the very top of the S size and I prefer to have plenty of room, plus a little extra length doesn’t hurt when you’re 165cm tall. The bust is a bit tight on my mannequin, but she is a good few centimeters bustier than I, so it’s not a problem for me!

The back has a hidden zipper, which runs very smoothly, even over the waist seam. My only gripe with the entire dress is that I wish the waist ties were just a touch longer to provide more balance when they are tied.

The lace at the bottom hem has cute little embroidered teddy bears and ribbons!

The waist has a bow on front, fully tacked down. The waist ties in back are detachable via bear shaped buttons.

The long sleeves are detachable via buttons and are embroidered with teddy bears, ribbons, and roses. The lace and pintucks are to die for!

Of course the absolute crown jewel is the embroidered collar! It has an ivory embroidery underneath matching the sleeve embroidery, then on top is a color embroidery with teddy bears and pink ribbons.


The number of details they put into this series really blew me away – even the lining has bears embossed into it!

The hanging tag is also adorable, plus they included a spare button of both the fabric covered button on the sleeves, as well as the bear shaped button from the waist ties. A detail I was impressed by is that the care tag is also in English (the other side is Chinese)! It can be washed by hand as well, which is nice for those who do not have a reliable/affordable dry cleaner available.

I am admittedly not anywhere close to a seamstress, but the construction is seemingly impeccable, and is better than many of my Japanese brand pieces that cost three or four times as much. Both the bodice and the skirt are fully lined and the seams are well constructed.

The unfortunate thing with Taobao preorders is that they often come in when completely out of season, and this piece was no exception. Summer in Japan is very hot and humid, and lolita at all is difficult to wear, let alone such a heavy fabric. So sadly, it will have to wait until probably November to get any use!

I did however put together a quick coordinate on my mannequin!

Coordinate rundown:
Onepiece ~ Sing a Lullaby For You
Hair clips, Rose-chan (bear), overknee socks, shoes ~ Innocent World
Necklace ~ Angelic Pretty
Brooch (on ribbon) ~ Maidem Papel

Sing a Lullaby For You also has an Instagram and a Twitter, so be sure to check them out!

I hope I’ll get the chance to wear this onepiece sooner rather than later..!

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